Jarry Park

Jarry Park
285 Rue Gary-Carter, Villeray, QC H2R 2W1

514-273-1234, option #1

Open 7 days a week, from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m.
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Competitive league 3.5 + (double play by team) - Winter

Competitive league in double, for men of level 3.0 or over. Qualifications mandatory

Location Jarry Park

Day Camp

Camp featuring tennis (3 hours daily) and other sports (soccer, fitness exercices, volleyball, baseball, team games).

Location Ecole Saint-Benoît (Gymnasium),Jarry Park

Day lessons - Winter

Day lessons for adults, once a week

Location Jarry Park

'Early-bird' league - Winter

Organized leagues of play in DOUBLE animated by an certified instructor.

Location Jarry Park

Evening lessons - Winter

Once a week lessons in group for a period of 6 weeks.

Location Jarry Park

Junior lessons - Winter

Once a week juniors lessons

Location Jarry Park

Junior Lessons on week-end

Lessons for kids during weekends, on Uniprix Stadium outdoor courts

Location Kent Park,Louis-Riel Park,Marcelin-Wilson Park,Nicolas-Viel Park,Jarry Park

Junior Omnium Tennis Montréal

Junior tournament for boys and girls of 12, 14 & 16 years old

Location Jarry Park

Morning league - Winter

Recreational league in DOUBLE animated by a certified instructor.

Location Jarry Park

Objective 790 Strokes - Winter

A class where the cardio will be challenge. A high volume training where the objective is to reach 790 strokes per class.

Location Jarry Park

Objective: 1000 Strokes

A class where the cardio will be challenge. A high volume training where the objective is to reach 1000 strokes per class.

Location Claude-Robillard Sports Complex,Somerled Park,Jarry Park

Performance League 4.5+

Singles & doubles play league

Location Jarry Park

Recreational Leagues - Winter

DOUBLE Recreational Leagues animated by a certified instructor.

Location Claude-Robillard Sports Complex,Jarry Park

Recreational Play - double play 2.0 or over

Organized leagues on local courts in which people can meet other players in a friendly atmosphere, and have fun while improving their level of play. DOUBLE PLAY

Location Beaubien Park,Claude-Robillard Sports Complex,Louis-Riel Park,La Fontaine Park,Nicolas-Viel Park,Somerled Park,Jarry Park

Singles play Men 3.0/3.5 or 3.5+/4.0

League made up of 2 groups of 12 players who play singles matches; 2 matches of one hour weekly, on a rotating basis.

Location La Fontaine Park,Jarry Park

Springtime Camp

For children from 8 to 13 years old; lessons once a week, in preparation for the Summer season (level 1.0 to 2.5)

Location Beaubien Park,Claude-Robillard Sports Complex,La Fontaine Park,Nicolas-Viel Park,Somerled Park,Jarry Park

Tactics & Strategies - Winter

An approach aimed at teaching various team strategies in doubles play.

Location Jarry Park

'Tennis Plus' League for beginners 1.0/1.5

This supervised league is aimed at players of levels 1.0 and 1.5. It allows you to put into practice what you have learned during your lessons. No play experience is required.

Location Jarry Park

Twice-a-week Lessons

3 weeks sessions, 2 times a week, on Monday & Wednesday

Location Beaubien Park, Dollard-Morin Park (Rivière-des-Prairies),Kent Park,Louis-Riel Park,La Fontaine Park,Somerled Park,Jarry Park

Women's League 3.0 + (double play) - Winter

Competitive league in double for women of level 3.0 or over

Location Jarry Park