Becoming a Member

The annual membership card (January to December of each year) is mandatory to participate to all of our activities, except for the Omnium tournament.


If the client is not a member at its first registration for an activity, the online registration platform Amilia will block unless you make the selection before. To save time, select the activity that interests you, and it will open a window to force the selection of a card; you can select it from this window, and this way you will have both the activity and the membership card selected faster, and finally you can either continue your selection of activities, or complete your order / registration to the next step.


As a Tennis Montreal member, you are entitled to several rebates and other advantages at no cost:

Adult Member Card

Membership is mandatory for adults who wish to register for any of our activities, except for the OMNIUM tournement.

Residents $42.00
Non-Residents $62.00

The membership card is valid from January to December each year, and NON-REFUNDABLE.

Junior Member Card

Every child residing in Montreal registered for lessons or for a junior camp during summer can get a free member card.

*Cost of member card for a non-resident child: $25


Distribution Membership cards

The distribution of membership cards for children and adults is done by email. You will receive a message with the subject '' Votre carte de membre 2019 '', and the card will be in the attached PDF file. You can find all the information regarding the card and its advantages in this present page of our website; because our main communication is done in French. The first shipment of the year will be in January 2019. Then, throughout the year we are moving the cards 1-2 times a week or more depending on the season, or at the request of the customer (e). We can, at the request of customers, mailings for people with no email address.